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High Impact Leadership

Elevate Your Leadership Potential.

Leadership development is imperative to the success of any organization. It helps ensure that there is a pipeline of new leaders who are ready to take on key roles as they open up. It can also help individuals develop new skills and knowledge that will be beneficial in their current and future roles.


The High Impact Leadership certification program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects of leadership development. Whether you are preparing for a leadership role, actively leading a team, or looking to pass the leadership torch, we’ve got you covered. Upon completion of this program, learners will earn the Certified Practitioner in High Impact Leadership (CP-HIL™) credential designation. The modules below are covered in the program.

The Anatomy of a Leader

Dissect the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for well-balanced leadership.

M1_Anatomy of a Leader_dreamstime_xxl_92875885.jpg

How Leaders Achieve Results

Employ a scalable strategy to drive results.

M1_How Leaders Achieve Results_dreamstime_xxl_50203724.jpg

Building High Performance Teams

Build the qualities and characteristics of a successful traditional, remote, and hybrid team.

M2_Building High Performance Teams_shutterstock_343070864.jpg

Contemporary and Global Leadership Challenges

Explore a broad and transparent range of leadership best practices and unfortunate events that have been attributed to universal success and criticism.

M1_Contemporary & Global Leadership Challenges_dreamstime_xxl_114605463.jpg

Critical Thinking for Leaders

Learn how to filter or remove filters to understand and analyze information, solve problems, and provide solutions to challenges.

M1_Critical Thinking for Leaders_dreamstime_xxl_116028664.jpg

Establishing Non-Negotiables

Create a true culture of accountability by communicating expectations, benefits, and consequences.

M2_Establishing Non-Negotiables_dreamstime_xxl_115163387.jpg

Coaching Made Simple

Apply effective coaching methods to reinforce best practices or redirect undesired behavior.

M2_Coaching Made Simple_dreamstime_xxl_4884997.jpg

Creating and Communicating Vision

Craft a clear vision that fuels business strategy.

M3_Creating & Communicating Change_dreamstime_xxl_88254978.jpg

Leading Through Crisis

Establish a collective and strategic response to unexpected or risk-related business activity.

M3_Leading Through Crisis_dreamstime_xxl_120679460.jpg

Establishing a Culture of Trust and Transparency

Create a workplace culture where employees feel psychologically safe to contribute.

M2_Establishing a Culture of Trust & Transparency_dreamstime_xxl_111347925.jpg

Managing Change and Change Fatigue

Leverage best practices for implementing change management.

M3_Managing Change & Change Fatigue_dreamstime_xxl_28527858.jpg

Succession Planning 101

Establish protocol for upward and lateral mobility within the business.

M3_Success Planning 101_dreamstime_xxl_100531888.jpg
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