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We hold ourselves to rigorous internal standards to guarantee a high-quality learning experience. To that end, it is essential for everyone supporting the Proverbs University community to know that we are dedicated to providing transparency and upholding the highest standards in our learning programs. While we carefully undergo the accreditation process, we want to take this opportunity to openly share our vision.  We focus on the following areas to ensure the quality of our programs. 

Organizational, Responsibility and Control

Learning Environment and Support Systems

Planning and Instructional Personnel

Needs Analysis

Evaluating Learning Outcomes and Learning Events

Assessment of Learning Outcomes

Content and Instructional Requirements

Awarding Credentials and Maintaining Learner Records


We understand that accreditation is important to many of our constituents, and we are dedicated to meeting those expectations. As part of our commitment to transparency, we will continue to provide regular updates on our accreditation progress to our learners and stakeholders, including milestones achieved and anticipated timelines. We appreciate your trust and look forward to embarking on this journey together as we strive for excellence in learning and development.

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