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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategy

Shape a Culture of Inclusion. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) has been a topic of interest for professionals for many years, but the field is constantly evolving. Proverbs University is excited to announce a new certification program for DEI practitioners. If you have the interest or the responsibility for creating and implementing DEI strategy within your organization or your client-base, this certification is for you.


The DEI strategy certification will equip you with the language, knowledge, and tools to create an organically inclusive workforce where employees feel a great sense of belonging regardless of their role within the company. Upon completion of this program, learners will earn the Certified Practitioner in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy (CP-DEI™) credential designation. The modules below are covered in the program.

The Case for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Explore the historical and contemporary work and challenges of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

M1_The Case for DEI_dreamstime_xl_50282338.jpg

Using Data to Paint a Realistic Starting Point

 Create a data-driven DEI strategy to help your organization mirror the market of both internal and external customers.

M1_Using Data to Paint a Realistic Starting Point_dreamstime_xl_216507032.jpg

Expanding Cultural Competence

Learn best practices for working and winning in cross-cultural situations.

M3_Expanding Cultural Competence_shutterstock_315030335.jpg

The Need for Strategy

Discover the common pitfalls of DEI work in organizational settings and the components of an effective strategy to move DEI initiatives forward.

M1_The Need for Strategy_dreamstime_xl_123618277.jpg

Aligning DEI Work with Organizational Strategy

Create greater efficiency in your business operations by intentionally infusing DEI work in the areas that matter most.

M1_Aligning DEI Work with Organizational Strategy_dreamstime_xl_110252172.jpg

Creating Psychological Safety

Improve teamwork and collaboration through the art of interpersonal relationships and communication.

M3_Creating Psychological Safety_shutterstock_1187069845.jpg

Adopting Empathy and Allyship

Use empathy to build allyship that results in meaningful cross-cultural relationships.

M3_Adopting Empathy and Allyship_shutterstock_388690933.jpg

Maximizing DEI with Strategic Programming

Discover how to connect programming and initiatives to your DEI strategy.

M2_Maximizing DEI with Strategic Programming_dreamstime_xl_75691411.jpg

Process-Oriented DEI Programming

Explore DEI programming that contributes to greater equity and efficiency within your organization’s processes.

M2_Process-Oriented Programming_dreamstime_xl_219139400.jpg

Sponsoring Minorities for Career Advancement

Gain insight on what it means to mentor and sponsor minority groups to support upward and lateral career mobility.

M3_Sponsoring Minorities for Career Advancement_shutterstock_1361250551.jpg

People-Oriented DEI Programming

Explore DEI programming that makes a positive impact on the individuals within your organization.

M2_People-Oriented Programming_dreamstime_xl_261954947.jpg

Product-Oriented DEI Programming

Explore DEI programming that promotes a more inclusive experience for customers who use your company’s products and services.

M2_Product-Oriented Programming_dreamstime_xl_77227901.jpg
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